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Darwin to Maningrida
Departs every Tuesday and Saturday
Darwin (Palmerston)Bus Exchange (checkin)07:30
Darwin (Palmerston)Bus Exchange (depart)08:00
Corroboree Park Tavern09:15
Jabiru (on demand only)Bus Stop Town Centre11:00
Gunbalanya/ OenpelliShop (arrival)12:00
Gunbalanya/ OenpelliShop (depart)12:45
ManingridaShop168 (near council office)17:00
Maningrida to Darwin
Departs every Wednesday and Sunday
ManingridaShop168 (checkin)07:30
ManingridaShop168 (depart)08:00
Gunbalanya/ OenpelliShop (arrival)12:15
Gunbalanya/ OenpelliShop (depart)13:00
Jabiru (on demand only)Bus Stop Town Centre14:00
Corroboree Park Tavern16:00
Darwin (Palmerston)Bus Exchange17:00

Please be ready at your location 30 minutes prior to departure for check in. Ticket prices are one fare and are based on lowest possible rates. Children 3 years and under are free of charge. Please refer to Terms and Conditions below for more information.



Palmerston Interchange Map

Map showing where is the Bodhi Bus bus stop in Darwin


This service commences at the Palmerston Bus Exchange on the outgoing day to Maningrida and terminates at the Palmerston Bus Exchange on the incoming day. If you need to travel further in the Darwin area or CBD please check here for public bus timetable


Maningrida, Northern Territory: A Journey into Aboriginal Culture and the Heart of Arnhem Land

Nestled within the rugged beauty of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, Maningrida is a town that beckons travelers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Aboriginal culture. Maningrida is an oasis that celebrates the art, traditions, and stories of the Aboriginal people, particularly the Kunwinjku, Burarra, and Ndjébbana communities. The town is not merely a destination but a living testament to the enduring cultural heritage of Australia’s First Nations.

Coast of Maningrida


Getting to Maningrida from Darwin:

For travelers seeking to explore Maningrida, the journey from Darwin is an adventure that unveils the vast and diverse landscapes of the Northern Territory. The drive from Darwin to Maningrida spans approximately 520 kilometers, taking you through the heart of the Top End.

As you venture from Darwin to Maningrida, the scenery transforms from urban landscapes to the rugged beauty of Arnhem Land. The journey offers glimpses of the unique Australian wilderness, with opportunities to appreciate the cultural richness of the region.

Terms and Conditions


  • All fares are inclusive of GST.
  • All fares are subject to change without prior notice.
  • One infant under 3 years can travel free of charge providing they are accompanied by a full fare paying adult.
  • All children between the ages of 0 – 14years are to be accompanied by an adult.
    Children over the age of 15 years will be regarded as an adult.
  • Centrepay bookings – if requested, must present a valid Pension Concession card or Income Statement issued by Centrelink upon check in.
  • Purchase orders are accepted upon application from private businesses, organisations and Government departments. An invoice will be issued after travel is finalised, final payment is due 14 days from date of invoice.

Booking Fees

  • Katherine Coaches do not charge a booking fee at the present time.

Cancellation policy

  • Full fare charges will apply to individuals, private businesses, organisations, and Government Departments where a seat has been prepaid or a seat reserved, unless notice of cancellation is provided to Katherine Coaches 24 hours prior to time of departure, on any of our regular route services.
  • Where a service is cancelled by Katherine Coaches due to unforeseen operational circumstances such as flooding, the client will be notified as soon as possible and an alternative service offered at no extra charge to the client. Katherine Coaches will not be responsible for any costs incurred by passengers as a result of cancellation.

Terms of Travel

  • Departure and arrival times are approximate and dependent on road conditions and number of pickups and drop offs required for the service.
  • Smoking, drugs and or the consumption of alcohol is not permitted on any of ours or our contractors vehicles.
  • Violence, disorderly conduct and aggression will not be tolerated on ours or our contractor’s vehicles, or dispatch areas.
  • Katherine Coaches and its contractors reserves the right to refuse travel, or remove from ours or our contractor’s vehicles, any Passenger that we or our staff believe (acting reasonably) is intoxicated by drugs and/or alcohol and who may, or may not, pose a potential threat to themselves, others or property.

Luggage Policy

  • Per passenger one bag minimum and two bags maximum. NO large items E.G. TV’s, large push bike’s, electric cars and ETC – and all these item’s need to be in original packaging.
  • If these items need to travel, there will be freight charges applied at the passenger’s expense. Katherine Coaches staff will take all the care but no responsibility of these items.

Special Needs and Assistance

Our drivers are permitted to provide basic assistance to passengers i.e. a steadying arm, helping hand. Passengers who wish to travel on Katherine Coaches must be able to understand and act upon directions given to them by the driver, passengers should not require any additional assistance beyond that normally offered to all passengers.
If a passenger requires assistance to:

  • Transfer to/from the vehicle or into/out of seats
  • Attend toiletry facilities
  • Administration of medicines and/or medical procedures

the passenger does not meet the conditions to travel independently.
Passengers who do not meet the conditions to travel independently will require a Carer to accompany them.
*Please note if a passenger attempts travel who does not meet the independent travel conditions, Katherine Coaches reserves the right to refuse travel. Prepaid fares will remain open dated for alternative travel arrangements to be made.